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The trademark DISASTER MASTERS ® was first used in interstate commerce on July 1, 1980 and its registration number 1, 208,996 was issued by the Patent and Trademark office on Sept, 14, 1982 in the United States in Class 37, Services. Subsequently it was also registered with the Canadian Trademark office.

Later on, DISASTER MASTERS® added 2 more classes.  Class 14 for apparel related products and Class 25 for jewelry related products.

This well-defined and federal court-tested trademark provides that..

No person or entity is allowed to use the words DISASTER MASTER® or DISASTER MASTERS® to identify any company that provides services to the order and specification of others including planning, maintenance, crisis management, construction or restorations of any sort anywhere in North America.

Even an auto body repair shop would not be able to use these words to identify their company or to use these words in any marketing or advertising materiel.

Moreover, no person or company can produce any product using this mark for identification for any reasons on any type of apparel like a T- Shirt, a board game or jewelry like the face of a wristwatch without infringing on DISASTER MASTERS’®trademark.

Should a film or TV show producer wanted to make a movie or a television series named DISASTER MASTERS their lawyers would need to secure a license to do so from DISASTER MASTERSInc.®, a New York Corporation.

Trademark Purpose

The development, marketing and protection of patents and trademarks are a costly affair, which is why Federal Trademarks exists. Imagine what would happen if anyone could make and sell their version of Coke or Pepsi..  “Coke” of South Miami would not have a chance.

Registered trademarks provide the trademark owner (s) with federal protection so the mark cannot be diluted in any way whatsoever and to insure that consumers get consistent products and services.  It is illegal for any person or entity to receive pecuniary benefits using the words DISASTER MASTERS® to identify and product or service in North American without a license.

Act First Research Later

Unfortunately some 30 entrepreneurs have enter into business in the past 20 years who have adapted or adopted  DISASTER MASTERS® trademark  to identify their new company. Eventually we find out about their operation and then the infringers run into serious trouble as soon as we learn of others diluting or abusing the DISASTER MASTERS® mark.

This usually occurs when a customer dials a local or toll free information services and get one of our international phone numbers especially 1-800-ThePlan or 1-800-TheClaim.

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Failure to do so will get you to meet her on her turf, which is a very expensive lesson on Copyrights, Trademarks, and other Intellectual Property.

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